Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is a typical day like?
A: Our custom tour bus picks you up (your hotel or a central meeting place) at noon(ish). We visit 4 wineries and return to your pick up location between 5 and 6:00 pm.

Q: How many people are allowed on the tour?
A: Our custom tour bus can accommodate 12 average sized guests.

Q: Can I put my own group together for a custom tour?
A: We encourage you to put your own group together! Call to discuss details!

Q: Can I consume wine in the tour bus between wineries?
A: Yes! Texas law does allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages in passenger vehicles!

Q: Is there room to bring back my wine/gift purchases?
A: Yes! We encourage our guests to purchase wine from the wineries which will be stored in a temperature controlled environment in the tour bus.

Q: Are the routes ever modified?
A: Yes – the tours are flexible! There may be occasions when special events are happening at a particular site that may warrant a visit!

Q: How do you determine which wineries to visit?
A: We visit with clients to determine which wineries we will visit. We ask about wine preference and previous Hill country winery experience to assist in determining the daily route.

Q: Tell me about gratuity.
A: Gratuity, or tip, paid by clients should reflect their gratitude to the driver. Factors to be considered are friendliness, knowledge, driving safety, cleanliness of the vehicle – basically all the service that he/she offers during the tour. Industry standard for limousine drivers is 20%, but please feel free to tip as you like.

Q: Just what is included?
An itinerary of wonderful wineries
All wine tasting fees at each winery
Safe and comfortable transportation to said wineries
Secure storage of your purchases and belongings
Ample chilled, bottled water and sodas served aboard the vehicle
Lively commentary, colorful history, and pertinent information provided by your tour guide/driver

Q: Is there a deposit required?
A: 50% of your tour cost is required when you reserve your tour.

Q: Should we tip the servers at the wineries?
A: Absolutely! They work hard to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and will appreciate your tips.

Q: What about winery tasting fees?
A: Wine tasting fees range from $8.00 to $14.00 per winery, but with Majesty Tours all your wine tasting fees are included in the cost of your tour. Your personal tour guide will handle all the details so you can enjoy the experience.

Q: Which wineries will we visit?
A: There is no set schedule of wineries. Our tour drivers like to customize your tour to take advantage of the best winery experiences

available on that day. They take a great deal of pride in the winery itineraries they put together. With so many wonderful wineries in this area, there is no reason to put on a “one size fits all” wine tour.

Q: Is there any way to know in advance which wineries we’ll visit?
A: Of course! This is your tour. We will make suggestions, but like for you to have choices. Wineries may have special events or

limited time programs that we’ll go out of our way to take part in. When we know, we are happy to share that information – give us a call.

Q: May we pick the wineries?
A: If your group occupies the whole vehicle, we are happy to take you to the wineries of your choice, as long as those wineries permit us to visit that day. If you are sharing the bus with others, your tour driver will take responsibility for planning the best tour day possible for the entire group.

Q: Do you ever accommodate winery requests?
A: Yes, we try to accommodate specific requests whenever we can. Please let us know your preferences when you book your tour.

Q: How do you determine which wineries would be best for our group?
Rave reviews from previous tour groups
Wine Selections
Warm & friendly service
Wine preferences of on-board guests
Perks available (Music, special events, food pairings, facility tours, etc)

Q: How long will we spend at each winery?
A: No set time. Some winery experiences take longer than others. The average is about 45 minutes to an hour at each winery in order to visit the scheduled wineries. We are casual and accommodating and want to make sure all our guests have a memorable experience.

Q: What are winery tasting fees?
A: These are fees charged by the wineries, compensating them for the wine they pour for guests. These are included in your tour fee.

Q: Who goes on Hye Texas Wine Tour?
A: Everybody! Our guests are easy-going, social people who are interested in wine, even if they don’t know much about it.

Q: What if I have never been to a winery and not familiar with wine etiquette?
A: You will be fine. Your tour guide will assist you with any questions or concerns and the winery staff is all very knowledgeable and helpful. After the first winery, you will be a pro.

Q: May I bring my child?
A: Sometimes we can accommodate children, but most often not. Please give us a call if this is an issue for you.

Q: May I bring my dog?
A: We are pet lovers! Service animals are welcome on the tour and we will try to accommodate your pup if we can. Let us know when you book your tour.

Q: Is there room on the bus to store any wine that I buy?
A: Yes! Buy as much wine as you like.

Q: How will I get my wine home?
A: You can tote it yourself or you may ship wine from the wineries. You can buy wine boxes and bags to assist you with your purchases.

Q: How many guests are normally on your tour?
A: It varies. Our tour bus holds 14 passengers, but if you have a larger group let us know and we can make arrangements to accommodate you.

Q: Do you offer half-day tours?
A: Most of our tours leave between 11 AM and 1 PM and return between 5 PM and 6 PM. If you need an earlier start, please let us know.

Q: What sort of vehicles do you use for these tours?
A: We use a 14-passenger shuttle van with front facing seats.

Q: Is lunch included in the cost of the tour?
A: Lunch is included in the cost.

Q: Is it appropriate to tip our tour guide/driver? If so, how much?
A: If you are pleased with the service and effort put forth by your driver or tour guide, you are most welcome to offer him or her a gratuity. Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

Q: Can this tour really be as fun as it sounds?
A: It absolutely can! Hye Texas Wine Tours makes sure that you are treated as a personal guest and that you enjoy your experience. You don’t have to worry about driving, parking, securing your belongings, or where to go. Leave it all to us and just have fun.

What to Expect

This is a social tour, so you can expect to meet people and get to know them over the course of the day. Your guide/driver will point out landmarks

and wineries along the way, telling stories and talking about local history and wine-making, as well as cluing you in about the culture of the area.

Which Wineries

Our tour itineraries are customized every day by the guide/driver, based on feedback from the group and the best selection of wineries available for that day. There are no strict rules.


If you are staying in a hotel, bed and breakfast or inn close to the area you’d like to tour, we will most likely be able to pick you up and drop you off at that place. Otherwise, we’ll meet you at a pre-arranged public place that has parking. In Fredericksburg, that is normally the Visitors Center located on Austin Street close to downtown.